Monday, March 16, 2009

Finding where you put it

I have been having the best time today. I've been listening to (watching) NASA TV online. The space shuttle Discovery launched this evening and since then, I've listened to them working with mission control.

At this point, the gentleman who will be staying on the International Space Station as a flight director can't find his personal hygiene kit - the one that will go onto the station with him. Then, they're having a problem getting the camcorder on the shuttle to link up with mission control. So, they want to replace a cable, but no one knows where it is.

Now, all of these items are listed, but they have to search out these lists to locate the items. The lists are duplicated on the shuttle and on ground, so both crews can search the lists and then go looking for the particular items they need.

Hmmm ... they found the probable location of the hygiene kit, but can't find the cable. Oh, and they found his food, too - MF14G. Yup, that's where it is! (hehe)

I truly think this is awesome! If they can't find everything they need in the small space that is the shuttle ... with computerized lists, how am I supposed to expected to find anything in this much larger space with no lists - AND I don't have genius scientists planning where to put things.

This has just been pure fun for me and I think could easily become addicting. I can leave it playing in the background while I work. Most of the time it's silent ... sometimes the mission commander and shuttle commander talk about things - there is a NASA anchor that explains things if they aren't obvious. They are planning to go to sleep here in a few minutes (about 1:15 CDT).

Maybe I will too!

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