Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Creativity? YES!

Sometimes I pay attention. When seemingly random events occur and I find that they are bound together, I realize that I need to pay attention.

Last week, I was exposed to this book.

As I read different people's impression of the book, I realized that I needed to read it. I asked a friend who works in a library to pick it up for herself and let me know what she thought. I also know her inherent creativity would probably resonate with this book. As I looked through the book and more information on Amazon, I also knew I couldn't wait, I needed to just order it. As disturbed as I was about the fact that it wasn't yet on the Kindle, this seemed to be a book that needed to exist in paper form.

The author teaches you how to unblock your creativity and it seems that she has been extremely successful at this. There are exercises and processes that when put into place, release the creative part of you. And, surprise, surprise ... everyone is creative!

Today, after receiving the book and reading the first chapter, I was entranced and went looking for a bit more information - and discovered that of course, she has a website (I can NOT believe I didn't find this last week).

However, before the book got to the house, a friend from high school posted a link on Twitter/Facebook to a TED lecture by Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love. She speaks on creativity, releasing our inner genius (genie/daimon) and moving beyond the torture of creativity to the LIVING in creativity. What an amazing talk she gave! I will embed the video here ... I can't tell you how impactful this video is. You just have to experience it.

Each of us has more to offer than we realize. What stops you from doing the wild things that you used to dream of doing? Or maybe you still dream about doing them, but are wrapped up in the busyness of life.

Both of these events came into my life from different sources on the same day. I'm definitely going to pay attention to that!


Dianna Schnabel said...

Thanks for including the video. I took away two great points from it.
1- She encouraged us to continue creating, not really focusing on attaining success, just doing our job.
2- Although she spoke of the genie's contribution, it reminded me that God is my "genie". He inspires me and He should get the credit.

tlksimpson said...

I am so happy and blessed that we are coming to place of Truths. For some, Christianity is a Truth but not for all. I am excited that we can find a common language (Julia Cameron and Elizabeth Gilbert) in which to express Truths -- God, Creator, Universe is ready to give...all we have to do is ask and receive. A friend recently gave me a Ganesh's little and beautiful and something I would never have bought myself. The intention is to remove obstacles. I asked to "get out of my own way" ie, quit being so rigid and in my head and just let his thing. I love the quote from Mary Daly that says "Why indeed must "God" be a noun? WHy not a verb...the most active and dynamic of all?"

Let Tena and I know what you think of Eat Pray Love -- I read it in a day and a half after she sent it to me and then we had a sit down old-fashioned book club...just the two of us!

Rebecca said...

Diane thank you thank you thank you for this... that video was something I needed to hear...

"Just do your job continue to show up for your piece of it
if your job is to dance then do your jance
if the divine cockeyed genius assigned to your case decides to let some sort of wonderment be glimpsed for just one moment through your efforts then Ole and if not do your dance anyhow and ole to you nonetheless ... just for having the sheer human love and stubborness to keep showing up."
UUUGGGHHH! how absolutely beautiful is that! And thank you for always showing up... and writing.. you are a gift..and your cockeyed genius is one of my favorite little imps!