Friday, March 27, 2009

So, here's the deal

When life gets weird, you might lose a few things.

Remember yesterday when I posted that 501st blog about all of the turmoil that hit in 2006/2007? Well, the reason I was thinking about all of that was that last weekend we got a certified piece of mail from the insurance company telling us that they were discontinuing our auto insurance because my license was suspended. Ummm ... oh for heaven's sake.

Rush, rush, rush ... what's going on? Oh ... uh oh! Let's see, I got a ticket in 2006 for expired plates. Thought I had totally taken care of that. But, I'm guessing I was wrong! And by the time they were notifying me of it ... well, topsy-turvy described my life and it was just one of those things that got ... lost.

I contacted my insurance agent (this is why I like agencies and not online insurance) and she told me that she could deal with it as soon as I got the license thing straightened out.

So, Max took yesterday off and I traipsed my butt down to the courthouse to pay the ticket (long lines ... blech). Back home to go online and pay the recertification fee (the DMV is online now! how cool is this?!?! Pretty soon we're going to be able to get our driver's licenses online. What a relief from lines that will be. Anyway ...

I'm legal again. I've contacted my agent, she's handling the rest of the paperwork. Whew.

I have a tendency to deal with high priority things first and if I don't leave myself notes and triggers to deal with other things, they get ... not dealt with. And they bite me in the butt. I hate when that happens.

Lesson learned? Oh, you'd hope so, wouldn't you? But, I know better. There will always be something in my life that I didn't deal with in the right way and it will find its way back to haunt me. That's just the way things go for me.

BUT, on the plus side. I had Max home yesterday, we got to eat out for lunch together (which we never do - and Katie's on 40th Street? AMAZING!), my license is fixed and life is back to a semblance of normal.

What's next?

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