Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Midweek randomness

I told a friend today that it was completely unfair. You all find out everything about what is going on in my life by reading my blog and so you are fully comfortable with what's going on. On the other hand, all y'all don't do this, so it's difficult for me to know what is happening! Argh. Ok ... give it up, Diane. No one cares about your problems with communication. (sigh - feeling sorry for me yet?)

Max is ... well ... phamous (his word). Check this out! Yah. He's pretty cool.

I got my tush kicked tonight at SingOmaha rehearsals. That required some heavy duty concentration and a whole lot of intense piano playing. It's so darned good for me, but tonight it wore me out! I was exhausted by the time I left rehearsal. That certainly doesn't happen very often. So ... while I'm on topic, we're having a concert on Sunday, April 19 - 7 pm at Faith-Westwood UMC. This would actually be one of those you shouldn't miss. The music is awesome, the musicians are amazing and the literature is going to be terrific. I'm just saying ...

I've been studying Isaiah for my Pour Out a Blessing blog and while I get tired of all of the stupidity of the people of Judah and I get weary reading about the slap-down God is going to put on them because they can't straighten up (if they would just figure this out, it would all be so much better), I find myself enervated by Isaiah's prophecies. They were not just for the time that he lived, but apply to my life in so many different ways. I have such a hard time starting these blogs ... I never know how to begin writing all of the information that is flowing through me. By the time I need to be finished, I don't want to stop because God has SO MUCH to say to His world and to you and mostly ... to me.

"Twilight" came out on video Friday night at midnight. Ummm ... yup ... hadn't seen it in the theater, but I watched it at midnight Friday on Amazon's Video on Demand. And I watched it again Monday night late and if I thought I could stay awake tonight, I'd probably watch it one more time. Oh ... yah ... so, while Max and I were traveling around northwest Iowa ... I read the last three books of the series this weekend.
What a great story! I'm glad to admit to an addiction for these books. Whenever anyone can write a good story, I'm thrilled. Gives me hope that someday maybe I will be able to do just that.

Some of the best worship music ever created was done so by Israel Houghton. His new solo cd, "The Power of One" came out today. Oh, I love Amazon. I pre-ordered the cd and it was actually here for me today. How cool! I listened to it this evening. Oh good heavens, I love this man's work! I can never sit still while the music plays. You just can't help but worship God with this music playing.

Alright, it's 1:30 am (early for me), so I have some time that I can spend reading before my body forces me to sleep. 'nite.

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