Friday, March 06, 2009

Free books everywhere!

Ok, this is it. I'm certain that I'm going to explode. My poor brain is going to overload and I'm going to be finished.

Next week is Read An Ebook Week and there are many sites that will be offering free books to me. I just read a blog and downloaded 4 free sci fi books from Amazon ... I swear I'm going to explode! This is more excitement than an old lady needs! (breathe, Diane. Breathe)

The best part? I'm not killing trees, I'm not overstuffing my bookshelves and right now I'm not even paying for books. Wow ... it's enough to make me very happy.

Oh. If you're reading this and you have an iPhone or iPod touch, you can download the Kindle App from Apple and start reading all of these fabulous books on your iPhone. It's not as good an experience as on the Kindle, but hey! You're the addict on the iPhone and you already love it - so here's one more way for you to use the heck out of it! And yes, all of these free books would be available to you.

It just excites the heck outta me that people are reading like this. There has been an amazing sense of community that happened with everyone on the planet (ok, not everyone ... but, almost!) reading the Twilight series. Whether or not you got on that bandwagon doesn't matter to me, but for those who did and could talk about a BOOK with their friends - that's exciting!

There are blogs and podcasts and magazine articles popping up everywhere that talk about books! I've heard more than one friend tell me that they are involved in a book club. A book club!!! It's a good time to be reading ... yes it is.

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Fran said...

I believe I no longer read a book but devour it and I cannot seem to stop after another.....reading is good!

But really???

Breathe Diane! You are worse than I am!

Love ya,